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Juice gets extra squeezed by Roosevelt this week, as the sheriff is pushed by the ADA to get a sample of SAMCRO's cocaine so they can trace its origins. Roosevelt blackmails Juice to do just this, but he doesn't have time to only grab a tiny amount.

He ends up swiping (and burying) an entire brick, as both SAMCRO and the Mayans, who are there for protection, are around when the drugs are counted and it's announced they are a brick short.


- Unser finds copies of Maureen's letters in Tara's office. He reads them and is aghast at Clay because there's apparently a reason he killed JT that Gemma is not aware of. But Clay is aware the original letters are still out there, even after Unser burns the copies. He also knows what the letters say. Gemma, however, thinks they are in the clear with the letters burned - because Piney had previously threatened to tell everyone about JT if Clay didn't get them out of the cartel game - and Clay doesn't say anything.

- Otto demands justice for his wife's killer, but the club decides not to kill Georgie yet because they can use his rich Japanese connections to invest in Hale's property and then pull out at the last moment, ruining the deal. Bobby is forced to admit his affair to Otto in person and then lies about Georgie being killed.

- Opie cheats on Lyla with another porn star after he finds his wife had been taking birth control behind his back.

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