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Gemma is recovering from her heart issue from last episode.  She demands to hear the truth about what happened with Abel.

Gemma tells Clay that she cut a deal with Stahl that would keep her away from death and she'd get weekly visitation rights.

Clay and Jax realize that somebody is slinging bull about Abel.  Jax goes to Jimmy O's boy to threaten him if he doesn't get the truth.

Unser checks in on Gemma, and tells her and Clay that the people of Charming aren't happy with SAMCRO.  Unser says he has to be a cop for a while.

Tig, Bobby and Juice head to the gym to sell some of their excess drugs and find out that somebody is buying out all the local establishments near by.

The guys then go to drop some more off with the Chicken Man, but Juice gets jumped by some Calavaras guys instead.

Gemma guessed that Tara was pregnant, and Tara tells her that she's six weeks along and nobody knows.

McGee learns that Jax is calling Maureen looking for Abel.  He confronts his old lady to see if she's hiding this from him.  Maureen then calls Charming back and tells Jax that Abel is in Belfast.

Jax goes to Stahl to and gives her a deal of his own. He hand delivers Jimmy O and a sworn statement discussing the Real IRA and the gun running. In return, the club and Gemma to get off scott free.

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