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Gemma sets out to turn herself in, but Stahl explains to her that she is getting off scott free.  Gemma pleads with her to kill the deal with Jax, because it can only end badly.

Clay and Bobby visit Big Otto in jail to see if he can meet with Lenny the Pimp, who has connections with the Russians.  He lets Otto know that their only way to get Jimmy back is to pay off the Russians.

The Russians want $2 million for Jimmy, and they set up a spot for the transfer.  Chucky reveals that he has $5 million in fake money from a counterfeit operation he was helping with.  SAMCRO gets Stahl to kick in $250 k of real money to put on top.

The trade goes down smoothly.  SAMCRO rides off, transfers Jimmy O into Tara's trunk, and leaves the empty van for Stahl to find.  Jax makes sure that Stahl signs her statement moving the Sons' sentence down from 15 years to three.  

Once Stahl gets her hands on Jimmy O at the club, she lets the rest of SAMCRO know that Jax was ratting out to the ATF.  The Feds then take the Sons away to prison.  

Unser chases down Stahl and tells her that some of Jimmy's men are going to be waiting for them up the road.  Stahl sends her men up to check it out while Unser waits back with her and Jimmy.  The four Sons that weren't on the trade show up in a school bus.  Chibs murders Jimmy O and then Opie murders Stahl.

They then let the rest of the Sons know that the deed was done, and it is revealed that Jax, Clay and the entirety of SAMCRO had been in on everything for a while.  

Tara finds John's letters to Maureen that were in Jax's backpack. In them he reveals that when he died it was at the hands of Gemma and Clay.

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unfortunately they dont play soa in canada so i just recently jumped and and got caught up on the SOA bandwagon. but i lovvvvve this show! i watched all three season in 4 days...hardly slept ahah


I would just like to say that this is probably the only show I follow that I can't predict. And I LOVE that about it. I thought I had completely figured out the finale and then bam! oh hey the club's been in on it the whole time. I totally didn't see that one coming. But I was so excited to know that. And I actually did figure out that Clay and Gemma might have had a hand in John Teller's death in the first episode. I don't know..it was during a conversation of theirs and I could just tell. But anyway. This is by far my favorite show, and that is saying something. :) I love it and I CANNOT WAIT for season 4!!!!!


This show is the best one that has been on in a very long time. I live for Tuesday nights. Now I just play on my computer in hopes that Sons will be coming back sooner than later. I think the last episode was awesome. I cried, I laughed, I clapped, and I yelled at the television. We need more shows like this. I even have the season 2 poster up in my room, and I'm 44 years old, lol.


Love this show, can't get enough.
I can't believe that John Taylor was murdered by Gemma and Clay for no reason because the Club sticks together until you cross them and then it's over.
I was surprised when I found out that John had a daughter with Maureen that Gemma didn't know about.
I remember Clay when he played Vincent on Beauty and the Beast. I was in love with him then and still am.


I Love SOA, never missed a show, it's down to earth, best show on TV, I've road with the best people, & still do, hell I'm 66 years young but I just love ridding. A few months ago we road for "Miles for Minutes", here in Delaware WOW what a turn out that was ... :-), really awesome. I can't hardly wait for season 4 knowing I'll be glued to the sofa. I was so happy to see Opie give Stahl what she deserved, and also what Chibs did to Jimmy O awesome !!! Well, I recon that is all I have to say until season 4 comes back on, so bring it on fast plz ... :-).


loved the finale;Agent Stahl finally got what was due and it was poetic justice that is was Opie. Like wise for jimmy. best bunch of actors on this show, they play there parts so well great job, great casting. towards the end of the episode I was at the edge of my seat. so happy Jax was just "playing" Stahl.


I love this show an cant wait till the fourth season! Weather or not Gemma an Clay killed Jax's dad or had somethin to do with his death i hope he stays loyal to his mother an Clay.


This is one of the best season finales for a TV show ever! I was wide awake and could almost feel as if it was happening in real life; Bring on season 4!


OMG the show kept me on the edge of my seat. so happy the two (jimmy & stahl) got theirs. Could not have happened to nicer people. Can't wait to see the new season...this loyal fan will be watching! The best to all in the cast.


Wow what great way to end the season! They had me fooled but they had one hell of a plan...loved it!!!!!!I`m already excited for next season, i`m gonna miss it til then. Jax you are the man baby! I`ll be waiting for next season:)

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Something will go wrong. Somebody will get hurt. I promise you, it'll end badly.


Tig: You're the best, Kimosabe.
Unser: That ain't funny.
Tig: Yes it is.