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Bridgette realized she needed to make some quick money, and she turned to the world of online when she found out that Eliza was being paid to eat food in a sexual manner on webcam. 

Bridgette found herself meeting a man who offered her $300 just to get a glimpse of her face. Bridgette went to take the money, but the man asked her if she was hungry and they went for food. 

She found out the man was married, but it was loveless and that he was looking for a way to let her down. Bridgette then gave him some tips for which classes his daughter should pick at school. 

He leaned his hand under the table and attempted to touch Bridgette's nether regions and she flipped out. She punched him and he fell backwards. 

Bridgette then realized she wanted to make something of her life and she was asked to make a vision board by Nelson. She wanted her to find success and be at ease with herself. 

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SMILF Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Recruitment Consultant: What exactly are you looking for?
Bridgette: Anything really. You know, it's time for me to get serious, so hopefully, this temp thing will turn into something full-time.

Recruitment Consultant: Moving on, do you have any special skills?
Bridgette: Yes... basketball.
Recruitment Consultant: You know, I think i might actually have an opening in prostitution.
Bridgette: As in, prostitution?
Recruitment Consultant: It's actually perfect for you. Make your own hours, pays great. Recession proof.
Bridgette: I dunno, do you have anything prostitution adjacent?