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Bridgette got a letter about a tryout for WNBA, and she tried to juggle all of her tasks with practicing. On the day of her test, Ally urgently called her over and asked her to stick around because she had surgery and had nobody. 

Bridgette made it to the WNBA tryout, but it went awry when the scout took an immediate dislike to her and told her not to return again. 

This made Bridgette spiral but she realized by the end that maybe it was not the best thing for her at that time. 

Meanwhile, Tutu went on a mission of self-discovery as she tried to reconnect with Edmond. In the process, she had sex with him in his surgery after learning that he had a wife. 

Also, Rafi relapsed after his mother gave him drugs for her dogs when he went to visit and turned to the priest for help. The priest kissed him and Rafi left the church confused. 

He went to sleep with Bridgette and bought a puppy for Larry. 

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SMILF Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Bridgette: It's the IRS.
Larry: Bye-Bye.

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Assistant: Head down the hall to bracket one.
Bridgette: Top tier, huh?
Assistant: No, that's just the court number.