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Rebecca Duvall was signed to play the role of Marilyn, but she was stuck in Cuba. Karen was promoted to be the Marilyn understudy, so work on the musical could continue.


The investors became nervous with Rebecca delayed in Cuba. Eileen mentioned her financing woes to Nick and he referred her to his friend, Randy Cobra. Randy becomes an investor and Eileen gives the other investors their contracts back.


Ivy is handling her unemployment surprisingly well. She decides to be nice and befriends Karen. She also gives Derek advice to be nicer and more supportive of Karen. She hopes that her new attitude will get her back on the musical.


Julia struggles to deal with Frank's absence. He refuses to even talk to her. She ran out on Tom when he was presenting her with their 10 year anniversary gift. She broke down and told Tom that Frank found out and left her.


Karen's time as Marilyn came to an end as Rebecca Duvall made her entrance.

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