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Movie star, Rebecca Duvall arrives to shake things up on Bombshell. She has her own ideas about the musical, including more lines with less singing and dancing. That causes a few feathers to be ruffled. Meanwhile, Ivy returns to the show in the chorus. Her friendship with Karen continues.


On the personal side of their lives changes are made. Tom and Sam go out together at Julia's insistence. Eileen finds out that Nick has a criminal background, but continues to date him anyway. Leo is failing two classes due to his parents' marital woes. Frank and Julia attempt to talk without much success. Karen finds out that Dev didn't get the job. And, he goes out with RJ instead of attending an event with Karen.

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Smash Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I'd rather see longer scenes and a little less singing and dancing. You know?


Eileen: What we need to do is to find a constructive solution.
Julia: Group suicide?