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  • Eileen searches for a star to front the musical. Derek says the show isn't ready and to come back to it in a year. Eileen has dinner with another potential director, which is reported by a critic. Derek agrees to continue with the musical.
  • Ellis searches for a star on his own. He meets with an agent to try and book a top star. He tells Eileen that he doesn't want to answer phones any more and wants to be a co-producer if they land his star. Eileen rebuffs his demand.
  • Frank finds a song that Julia wrote about her affair with Michael and confronts her about it. She tells him it is over. He ends up confronting and punching Michael after finding out that the affair happened before too. Frank ends up moving out of the house even though Julia and Leo beg him to stay.
  • Ivy continues to feel she is in competition with Karen after losing out on a national commercial. Ivy is taking many different drugs. She ends up messing up on stage during a performance in front of Karen. Ivy and Karen hang out together and end up singing in Times Square.
  • Tom finds out his boyfriend is a Republican -- a deal breaker. Though, he decides to attend the Republican fundraiser anyway. Tom leaves when he gets a call about Ivy's disaster on stage. He ends up meeting Sam outside Ivy's and they both go to a diner until 5 a.m.
  • Tom and Julia come up with a new name for the musical: Bombshell


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Smash Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I feel like a frog.


It was something. It was total betrayal of me and Leo and 18 years of marriage. It was betrayal of everything.


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