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In the aftermath of not getting the lead role in Marilyn: The Musical, Karen heads home to Iowa for her best friend's baby shower. Before she leaves, Derek asks her to stay with the production in the ensemble and join them in the workshop. She is happy with this offer, even if her parents still question her life choice. Fortunately, her parents come to realize she is talented and support her quest for her dream. Her father gives her money to help her during the workshop.

Back in New York, Ivy and Derek continue their sexual relationship. Tom finds out about it and isn't happy about it. Julia doesn't mind because she has her own secret. She reveals that she had an affair with Michael, the newly hired Joe DiMaggio.

Eileen is searching for financial backers for the musical, but her soon-to-be ex-husband tries to block her. He initially wants in on the deal, but when Eileen refuses, he talks the potential backers out of it.

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