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Smallville Sneak Peek: "Supergirl"

Might the identity of The Green Arrow be in jeopardy of exposure? That's the main topic at the center of this Smallville clip, courtesy of the episode "Supergirl."
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Smallville Review: "Shield"

Smallville Review: "Shield"

The second episode of Smallville's final season didn't offer as much as the premiere. But there's still a lot to cover in our review.
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Smallville Promo: "Shield"

One episode down, another one on the way for the final season of Smallville. Watch the official preview here for "Shield."
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Smallville Quotes

Clark: Everyone needs a friend.
Kyle: No they don't. Because they'll always betray you in the end.

I saw me, I mean, Clark Kent, disguised behind glasses and a bad haircut.