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A missing persons case leads to a Colonial-era home that links to Ichabod's past and an evil that's been dormant for years. 

Ichabod and Abbie talk about Thanksgiving and he wishes for his family.
Irving comes across a case of a missing billionaire and there is the name Katrina C. associated with it.
Ichabod and Katrina once visited the house where Ms. Gilbert disappeared, and it was a sanctuary for everyone who needed a place in his time. Now it is haunted and Abbie and Ichabod are trapped inside.
Ichabod finds a letter in the house that he wrote to Katrina the morning he faced the Horseman.
They find Ms. Gilbert and she's bound by the roots. When Ichabod cuts on it bleeds and she tells them the house is alive.
Jenny invites Irving to Thanksgiving dinner, as she also plans on inviting Abbie and Ichabod.
Ichabod surmises that his friend Lochland was a warlock and in Katrina's coven.
A ghost appears to Abbie and says "it's time."
Irving's daughter, Macy, introduces herself to Jenny.
Irving's wife, Cynthia, asks what in Sleepy Hollow could possibly be so important that he keeps canceling weekends with their daughter.
Abbie discovers through visions that Katrina had Ichabod's child, a son.
The hex on the property was to keep her and the baby safe, but the creature grew inside the property so it could get to them.
Abbie didn't see enough of the vision to know what ultimately happened to Ichabod's son.
The ghost that Abbie had been seeing throughout the house was her ancestor, and brought Ichabod's son into the world.
Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

All this talk of holidays, turkeys, family time... irks me.


Heed my words. Do not follow me.