Skins Season 1


This week's Skins episode takes us inside the world of Eura. Read on to learn more about Tony's younger sister.


Ready to go inside the life of Tina? She's at the center of this Skins episode.


We go inside the world of Daisy this week. Find out what it's like via this recap of events.


Michelle goes off on Tony this week. She's sick of his cheating an aims to move past him.


The class goes camping on this episode. During the hour, Abbud tries to meet up with a girl who lives near the site.

Stanley on Skins

Tony tries to help Stanley this week, as the latter is torn between his feelings for Cadie and Michelle. Elsewhere, Stanley and his father work on their relationship.


Cadie is the focus of this episode. The character tries to come to terms with her eating disorder.


Chris' mom leaves town this week. You know what that means, right? Party time!


Tea is sent on an awful blind date this week. We've recapped the second episode of MTV's Skins.

"Series Premiere"

MTV debuts its premiere of the takeoff on the UK reality show Skins. People are already up in arms over it. Why? Find out in our recap.

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