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We're in Chechnya three months ago. A bunch of guys are running on a trail. It's the Prince and his gang. He gets a phone call about Michael. He comes across a little boy walking his animals and the guy who said the area was clear is shot dead. He lets the boy go.

Michael is giving information to Gina. 

Flashback back to the night Vince died. Gina passes the information Michael gave her to her higher up.

Marissa calls Michael but there is no answer.

Bear is in a hotel room and watches TV which is running a report on Rip and the investigation. He gets a call from Caulder who wants to go for a beer. Caulder is still having episodes from the bomb. He invites Bear over. They talk about Lena. Bear isn't much interested in talking about it.

Caulder crushes more pills but doesn't snort. he takes ibuprofen instead.

Annabelle tells her parents she went past the house and Jackie is not thrilled. She wants to go home, but they are not going back. Jackie is adamant.

Jackie tells Buddha that she wants a gun. Buddha is not going for it. She brings up Rip. Buddha leaves the bedroom and starts exercising.

Back at the bunker the guys tazers Trevor. He starts harassing Fishbait. He goes off on Islam. Fishbait gets in his face. He's an asshole.

Marissa gets back to the hotel and there is something happening to the Muslim man who lives next door. She interferes and takes the man in her room. It's the guy who was released.

The guy realizes she was the one who shot Rip. He tells her the Koran preaches peace. He tries to get away, but she won't let him. She attacks him before he can leave and kills him. Wow. She's vicious.

Someone is knocking at Caulder's place. It's Jackie. She asks Caulder for a gun. He's thinks it's a bad idea.

Gina is watching Michael pray.

Marissa takes the guy's body back to his place.

Caulder goes to Bear's hotel room and takes him out. Caulder convinces him to hit on a woman and Bear does and strikes out. Then as they get more drunk, he gets more comfortable with the ladies.

Bear gets cozy with a woman then regrets it and leaves before she comes back from the bathroom. He gets back to the hotel and calls Lena but her sister answers. Lena's out.

Caulder brings a couple of women to Bear's hotel room, but he doesn't answer. The ladies leave and Caulder stays outside and basically passes out. In the morning Bear finds him outside his door and tries to sober him up. They were called in and head to the bunker.

The team is headed to Bosnia.

Ten hours later they are location. It's Gina's op. Bear tells her he's in charge of the guys. He wants assurance that this mission is to get Rip's killer. She assures him it is. 

She lies about Nasry and tells them Prince is the guy they want. Intercut with her debriefing is Michael telling her about Prince's whereabouts.

Gina approaches Buddha and wants to know if them working together is going to be a problem. The team heads to the cemetery and the Prince shows up.

They can't confirm it's the Prince so they have to let him go. They follow the convoy. Gina is watching from headquarters.

Trevor, Buddha and Caulder head to the compound to breach. It's a fight club. They have eyes on the Prince. Trevor leaves to go to the bathroom.

The Prince ends up in the bathroom with The Prince who starts talking to him and Trevor just walks away. He didn't understand anything the guy said. Prince comes out of the bathroom and goes to a guard. Caulder thinks they're compromised.

Caulder and Trevor go after Prince. Buddha stays behind. Still no positive ID on Prince but Gina wants them to execute anyway.

Bear and the rest of the team head out and start following the Prince. They get made and a shootout ensues.

Trevor and Caulder are following Prince and Trevor starts shooting. Caulder is having issues with the bullet sounds and gets hit. Buddha shoots the Prince, but it's not the Prince. 

Gina comes in to investigate. It's not him. Bear is not happy. 

Caulder is on his way home. Buddha is watching his and Bear's interchange.

Buddha confront Gina about the failed mission.

The Prince is updated on the situation. He realizes it's Nasry that betrayed him. He sees michael as an enemy.

Michael is praying. Marissa is watching news of the guy who she murdered. Jackie has a gun.








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SIX Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Jackie: I want a gun.
Buddha: Guns are my other life. I never bring my other life home.

You better not fuck me!

Gina [to Michael]