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Shameless Season 9 Episode 10 Review: Los Diablos!

Shameless Review: Los Diablos!

On Shameless Season 9 Episode 10, Fiona realized she needed to sort her life out, but she spiraled out of control when she got fired. We have the full review.
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23 'Ships Of 2018 That Need To Crash

23 'Ships Of 2018 That Need To Crash

Our picks of the 'ships of the year that should be nipped in the bud before they blossom and the full-fledged couples that we want to see broken up, and soon.
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Shameless Quotes

Ian: Hey Fiona? I'm gay.
Fiona: I know.

Debbie: What the hell is going on, Frank?
Frank: Your mother told me she had something valuable for you kids, but that it might be dangerous to retrieve it.
Carl: How dangerous?
Debbie: On a scale of one to ten?
Frank: Said the DEA could be involved.