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- Fiona finds out Jimmy put in an application for a studio apartment for med school.

- Ian has a meltdown about Mickey's wedding.

- Karen returns from the hospital and has no short term memory or emotions.

- Lip seeks advice from Kev about Mandy.

- Estefania gets taken into INS holding.

- Frank takes the rap for a heist he pulled with Carl.

- Fiona goes on a camping trip with work and hooks up with her boss.

- Jimmy's father in law comes to town.

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Shameless Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

I got sucked into your world. I bent to your rules. I just assumed that we'd eventually decide how to move together like normal couples do. But there never was a "we." What have I been doing? Cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry and living together in a goddamn slum.


People fuck up. That's life. Family is supposed to be forever. They're supposed to take care of you regardless what you do. That's the whole point, otherwise why bother?