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On this installment of Shameless:

- Fiona tries to talk Veronica out of getting married since she knows Kevin’s secret.

- Kevin comes clean and they decide they don’t need a wedding.

- V’s mom tells her that her father left her money as a wedding gift that she can’t open until her wedding day, so the wedding is back on.

- Kevin and V decide to stage a fake wedding.

- While Frank is at the free clinic, the doctor tells him he needs a biopsy on his third testicle.

- Frank is convinced for the episode that he’s going to die until he finds out the tumor is benign/

- Anthony Anderson shows up as V’s brother who busted out of jail.

Episode Number:

So we watched the end of this episode at the bar for the pretend wedding of V n Kevin. In the bathroom was V's brother n Lip doing his thing with his girl friend. Anthony was sitting there with t-paper wrapped around him with a lighter in hand..... the end of that episode. What happened? The next episode was when the electricty was shut off! does anyone know what happened to V's brother? I'm so confused.

Shameless Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Here's the happy couple, Kevin and Veronica, may you always have two testicles between you. L'Chiam!


I bet it itches like you got crabs in there.

Frank [to lady in body cast]