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Shameless Season 1

"Father Frank, Full of Grace"

Steve's true occupation is revealed on the first season finale. He tries to convince Fiona to leave town, while Frank goes into hiding.

"Daddyz Girl"

Fiona befriends a woman this week, while Tony thinks he knows the truth behind Steve's business. Elsewhere, Frank gets some bad news.

"Nana Gallagher Had an Affair"

Is Frank really the father of his children? Who will get custody of Liam?

"But at Last Came a Knock"

Monica returns because Frank needs something from her on this episode. Steve and Fiona also take a big step together.

"It's Time To Kill The Turtle"

Frank gives up drinking this week, which actually worries Sheila. Elsewhere, Fiona tries to find a higher paying job.

"Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father "

Frank gets into major trouble this week, while Ian tries to stop Mickehy from bullying Kash.

"Killer Carl"

Lip gets caught helping other students cheat on the SATs this week. Elsewhere, Fiona read a letter from Carl's teacher.

"Three Boys"

The Gallaghers learn this week that Veronica comes from a wealthy family and you know what that means: try to scheme her for some money!

"Casey Casden"

The Gallaghers find themselves in trouble this week. The reason? Debbie kidnaps a kid from a party.

"Aunt Ginger"

Aunt Ginger, the owner of the family's house, disappears on this episode. Meanwhile, Ian gets into trouble with the brother of a girl he turned down.

"Frank the Plank"

Frank goes out this week and creates a major problem: he ends up in Toronto, failing to cash his disability check.


The pilot episode of Shameless introduced us to Frank Gallagher and his family. It's safe to refer to them as dysfunctional.

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