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Jordan leads a search time to look for Heidi but she escapes after killing one of the werewolves. 

Simon and Isabelle discover that Clary is alive and go to the Institute to see her. 

Isabelle is starting to experience withdrawal after letting Simon feed from her. 

Heidi is rejected by the New York vampire clan. 

Luke and Maryse try to crack into a safe to find a way to draw out Jonathan.

Simon tells Jordan he's going to help him find Hyde. 

Jace and Clary search for a way to remove the rune that connects her to Jonathan.

Maia tells Luke about how Russell is breaking the pack apart and asks him to come back. Luke tries to convince Maia to become the new alpha. 

Jordan tries to challenge the vampire clan to find Heidi and almost loses control. 

Jace tries to get the rune off of Clary but it won't go away. 

Maia and Simon decide to break up as Maia needs to put the pack first and they agree that something between them has changed.

Maryse and Luke get the safe open and kiss. 

Isabelle and Alec discover that the Clave might be responsible for murdering their own, but Maryse wants them to stay away from it. 

Jace and Clary exchange "I love yous" and sleep together. Jonathan carves "I miss you," into his own arm which appears on Clary's. 

Jordan goes to the Jade Wolf to tell Maia goodbye, but the werewolves are attacked by Heidi and the vampire clan. Russell is killed and Jordan is badly injured. 

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Simon, you don't deserve to come second. You deserve someone who will love you heart and soul.


I wish I was half as strong as you on your weakest day.