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Jace takes Valentine back to the boat after escaping from Jocelyn's attack.

Jocelyn tries to explain her reason for attacking Jace, but Clary doesn't believe her. She reveals that Jonathan was injected with demon blood during pregnancy. She shows Clary a memory of the past.

Victor Aldertree asks Simon to conduct a mission for him: He needs information from the vampires. If he refuses, Aldertree threatens to pass a restriction from letting vampires and Shadowhunters be friends.

Valentine watches a fighting match as one of the participants goes missing. He has been abducting strong fighters who might be able to survive the change from the cup.

Alec blames Clary for what happened to Jace and all the problems going on in his life. Clary begins debating her place in the Shadowhunters world and if she belongs anywhere. Izzy supports her friend and reassures her.

The werewolves want Simon to leave the pack area, but he's still protected by Luke. Raphael returns and wants Simon to find Camille; he's gotten the vampires into trouble and they need to prove Camille was responsible for turning Maria.

Clary has left the Institute to return to the city and art school.

Alec and Isabelle investigate fighting rings around the city. Izzy knocks out a potential fighter who was going to be recruited by Valentine. They stop an evil Shadowhunter, but he commits suicide to keep quiet.

Clary visits her former art school for solace. Jocelyn seeks out Luke to speak some sense to her.

Simon teams up with Magnus to find Camille. They end up in Camille's home in Agra, India. He enters a room and triggers a trap: A snake appears.

Clary doesn't know who she is: Shadowhunter or human. As she leaves the school, she bumps into Dot. Her "dead friend" pulls her through a portal to Valentine's ship and shows her a brief glimpse into the future.

Jocelyn brings an adamus stone to Alec and Izzy to help find Jace and Clary. Alec's parabatai bond could help communicate through the stone.

Clary and Jace reunite on Valentine's ship. She reveals the future of the Downworlders' attack on the Mundanes. Valentine brings Jace along to capture the werewolf that killed Jeremy's father.

Simon finally gains the confidence to believe in himself as a vampire. He uses his force to keep the snake away from attacking him.

Clary wakes up inside a cage in the Downworlder prison. The vision she saw was a lie: It was a spell set by Dot, which Valentine is forcing her to keep doing. Dot wasn't killed before; Valentine simply captured her and was experimenting on her.

Alec uses the stone to try and find his connection with Jace. The spell sends his body into shock.

Magnus agrees to help Simon through his adjustment in joining the Downworld. He hands Simon a box that he assumes is important to Camille as it has wards in place against warlocks.

The white-haired werewolf is brought on board to Valentine's ship; Valentine orders she be killed as they think she's the wolf who killed Jeremy's father. Jace and Clary make a run for it and escape through a magical hole in the barrier set by Dot. Valentine captures Dot and kills and the white-haired werewolf in retaliation.

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Clary: Alec's right, I'm not one of you. I'm just some girl from Brooklyn who went out to celebrate her birthday and came back with a present she never wanted...and can't return.
Isabelle: You don't want to return that present. It's a blessing.
Clary: Not for me. I just...I want to feel normal again, Isabelle. I want my life back.
Isabelle: I'm sure, but don't you get it? You have a target on your back. The Institute is the safest place for you. You have a new life now, you have me, and that's not going to change.

Jocelyn: Honey, there's still so much you don't know.
Clary: And whose fault is that?! Everyone says Valentine is the monster, but you...you just tried to murder your own son!