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Harlee kills Miguel after he threatens her and Cristina. She buries his body in Saperstein’s grave. An unseen man helps her. Then she tells Cristina that she paid off Miguel so that he would leave them alone. Seeing that Cristina is upset that Miguel left without a goodbye, she texts Cristina a goodbye from Miguel’s phone and then destroys it and throws it in the river. Harlee also sneaks into Miguel’s mother’s home and finds the money she gave him. She burns it. 

Matt Wozniack delivers himself to the FBI and faces Agent Stahl, but is later released when he makes a deal to be Stahl’s dirty cop in the department. 

Woz tells Stahl he knows he hires a prostitute to dress up as Harlee for him. Stahl turns around and, after scaring her, pays Gina, the prostitute to leave town for good, but not before having sex with her one more time with her playing the role of Harlee. 

Woz arrests Michael Bianci, the mob boss in Brooklyn, on Stahl’s orders. Turns out that Stahl’s target is Julia Ayres, who is running for mayor. She has a deal with Bianci and has made evidence disappear for him in the past. Bianca expects her to do it again, or face the consequences.

Julia Ayres is a former detective who used to work with Wozniak, as well as a former lover. Woz is furious when he realizes that Julia is Stahl’s target. 

When Stahl gives Woz a recording, confirming that Harlee once wore a wire to entrap him, he tells Harlee that he’ll never trust her again, and that he won’t take Julia down for Stahl.

Shades of Blue
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