Faye vs. Lee
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The Fire and Ice dance takes center stage on The Secret Circle this week.

Diana and Cassie use a spell to the color of their dresses, but they catch fire instead.

Adam admits to his father that he has feelings for Cassie.

Lee promises Faye a spell that will suck the magic out of someone the spell from the page from her family book.

Adam and Cassie find out that her father lived at the abandoned house they use.

Faye gets solo magic from Cassie, but it hurts Melissa, Diana and Adam instead of Cassie.

Faye's stolen magic sets the school on fire and knocks the fake ice from the ceiling putting many in danger.

Melissa stands by her friend, in spite of her actions.

Adam and Cassie engage in a kiss just as Jake returns.





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I hate Adam. I totally agree with chloe, he looks like a drag queen. Definately team Jake. So pleased he broke up the kiss at the end. Jake + Cassie. Love those bad boys.


Faye's character is really annoying. Selfish and stupid. She should have died instead of the other guy


The secret circle is in DESPREATE need of guy presence. Jake left. Adam looks like he wears drag make up and the rest are the elder witches that lost thier cirlce..sucks really. But apart from thatr ,yay.

The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Adam: Diana, she thinks I need to figure out my feelings for Cassie.
Adam H: Do you? Have feeling for Cassie?
Adam: Yes. I felt a connection between us the first moment we met.

Jake was a witch hunter. And even if he started to question that, he chose to leave with them in the end.