Worst. Bath. Ever.
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  • The Circle goes in search of Cassie's grandmother this week.
  • They head to Henry's cabin, but find it empty and without power. 
  • During a game of Truth and Dare, Cassie is dared to kiss Jake, which makes no one else in the circle happy.
  • Faye sees a little girl in a yellow raincoat and red rain boots.
  • Cassie can also see the little girl.
  • Faye reveals that the little girl is actually a younger her.
  • Faye and Cassie follow the little girl, which leads Cassie to the lake to find Henry's body.
  • Diana and Adam fight and then hook up in the shed, but break up the next morning.
  • Cassie gets home and finds her grandmother, who doesn't remember being inside Henry's home.
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