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Cassie learned a lot more about her family this week, namely that she comes from the Balcoin line, which was later changed to Blackwell. There's some seriously dark magic associated with her history, which Jake tried to explain before saying he had to take her away to keep her safe.

He was actually being serious because Isaac told him the "counsel" needed them to take Cassie alive, a move he soon acted on himself, aware that Jake had feelings for the young witch. Eventually, everyone made it out to a boat, where Jake saved Cassie from Isaac's grip, only to be yelled at by his boss because he said the coven is extra dangerous. There are TWO Blackwell kids within it.

We must assume the second is Faye because earlier it came out that Dawn had a thing for John Blackwell.


- Melissa's cousin, Holden, returned to town and got close to Diana.

- Dawn and Charles argued over the state of Jane, whose memory was a mess after their spell from last week.

The Secret Circle
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