The Secret Circle Season 1

Secret Circle Season Finale Scene

Cassie and Diana are forced to use their dark magic on The Secret Circle season finale. Will it have dire consequences?

Diana and Cassie

It's prom night in Chance Harbor! But this doesn't mean only good memories will be created.

Jake and Faye

Where are the remaining crystals? That's the question posed on this episode of The Secret Circle.

Charles and Jane

The other Blackwell child is revealed. That's the major development to come out of this Secret Circle episode.

Jake Armstrong Pic

A witch hunter tracks down a member of The Secret Circle this week. He has a message for Blackwell.

Cassie vs. Shirtless Jake

Cassie visits her grandmother this week, and learns some shocking news in the process. Faye, meanwhile, get a stalker.

Can Cassie really trust her father? That's the main question posed on this episode of The Secret Circle.

Metting John Blackwell

It's the moment Cassie has been waiting for, as her father returns this week and comes face to face with the daughter he left.

Fun with Feathers

Faye and Melissa honor Valentine's Day this week by throwing a girl-only slumber party. But the evening turns especially wild.

A Bonded Circle

Cassie grows closer to Jake this week, much to the chagrin of Adam. Faye, meanwhile, experiments with drugs.

Jake vs. Mirror

Jake comes up with a plan that interests Cassie this week. It involves finding out more about the fire from 16 years ago.

Faye vs. Lee

Faye continues to thirst for power this week, threatening the coven. Meanwhile, Adam helps Cassie investigate her father's past.

Approaching Adam

Stefanie Kramer and Grey Damon debut on The Secret Circle this week, as Cassie reveals her darkest secret yet during the episode.

Jane and Charles

Faye stirs up trouble this week for Cassie and Jake, as the former looks into her father's history. Melissa's cousin also comes to town.

Worst. Bath. Ever.

The Circle takes a road trip this week. The mission is to track down Cassie's grandmother.

Halloween Outfits

It's Halloween time on The Secret Circle! Cassie throws a party for the occasion this week.

Angry Ethan

An ex-boyfriend of Faye's returns to Chance Harbor this week. Look for Faye to plot some serious revenge against him.

An Adult Plot

Cassie is torn between her family and the coven this week. She wrestles with telling a secret to her grandmother.

Teaming Up for Magic

Cassie sets out to right a wrong from her mother's past this week. Camille Sullivan guest stars.

Help Cassie!

A school dance is at the center of this episode. A stranger also comes to town, asking questions.


Cassie befriends a non-witch this week, while Diana wants everyone to bind the circle. Elsewhere, Adam tries as hard as he can to not fall for Cassie.

Adam and Cassie

We're introduced to Cassie Blake on the series premiere of The Secret Circle, as she moves across the country and learns some major secrets about her family.

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