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When Turk loses to Dr. Cox in a game of who can keep their hands on a coma patient longer, he becomes Cox's bitch.  However, when an old friend of Cox's comes in for and he needs to get surgery, Cox convinces Turk to do the risky surgery.  When the patient ends up dying, Cox thanks him for showing the courage to do it knowing how risky it was and the episode ends with him being the bitch.

Denise and Drew realize they bond really well over tormenting people and team up to mess with the security guys.  They steal their golf cart and convince them they need to apologize for mistreating it for it to come back.

Meanwhile, Lucy gets annoyed when Cole brags about sleeping with her to their study group and refuses to help him get back in when he's kicked out.  Eventually, Turk and Drew convince her she has feelings for Cole and she comes to terms with it.  Now that they're official, she's gonna try and change the d-bag.

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