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On Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22, Sly's pen pal, Alex, needs Team Scorpion's help! His elder is dying, and he is being kept alive by a generator, and the generator is running out of fuel.

Scorpion comes into play because the only way to get more fuel is through a minefield. Team Scorpion is more than happy to help, and Alex is thrilled to work alongside the heroes that Sly has told him so much about.

While the rest of Team Scorpion is off on a fuel run, Toby stays behind with the elder. It turns out the elder has been misdiagnosed, and Toby has to go against the doctor's wishes to prove his diagnosis.

The rest of Team Scorpion, which includes Alex, manage to make it to the gas station in one piece, but then a sandstorm hits. They aren't able to outrun it, so they have to improvise a minesweeper, so they can keep moving during the storm.

It's going well until Happy and Walter's truck falls into a ditch on top of an active landmine. Yikes.

They are able to get Walter and Happy out of there and get the fuel to the village safely. Toby manages to prove that the elder isn't suffering from heart disease but a rare blood disorder. 

The mission is successful, and then things fall apart once everyone gets home.

Walter's lie about Florence comes out, and Florence admits to having feelings for him. This results in Paige breaking up with Walter and quitting, along with Sly, Toby, and Happy.

Two weeks later, we see that Walter has reformed Scorpion to include himself, Cabe, and Florence. The former members of Team Scorpion now make up a rival group, Centipede. 

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Scorpion Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

You've been having a cranial affair with Florence for months.


Happy: I heard you at the fuel pump, carefully choosing your words, so you're not technically lying to Paige.
Walter: I'm not comfortable with how this is playing out either. Paige's EQ reader picks up everything, and I don't want to mislead her, but now is not the time nor the place for this discussion. We're literally in the middle of a minefield!
Happy: Not nearly as big of a minefield you've created for yourself, dumbass!