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The election results were revealed and Frankie won the election. This was met with shock from everyone who wanted him to lose. 

However, in a bizarre turn of events, he was shot on stage. Mellie and Olivia seemed to think this would make a case for Mellie to beat him out. 

Olivia went into overdrive as she tried to figure out what happened, but it was later revealed that Vargas was was murdered. 

Fitz was given the decision to choose who would take over and after much deliberation, he chose Cyrus. 

However, Olivia thought Cyrus had Vargas killed and started investigating. They found a call that was deleted from the FBI server from a woman named Jenny who said that Cyrus was the killer. 

Unfortunately, Jenny's hand was found by Quinn and Huck in the middle of nowhere. Olivia was so certain that Cyrus was the killer that she went to visit him and said she knew the truth and was biding her time to try and get the evidence together. 

Quinn got engaged to Charlie after nearly being blown up at the house looking for evdence. 

Abby tried to keep Vargas' wife from calling the kids to tell them about Vargas. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Abby: Sir, he’s dead.
Fitz: He isn’t dead until I say he’s dead.

You know. Of course you know… unbelievable.