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Olivia and Fitz meet Rowan in the bunker, but he was not impressed to see them when he learned they were not letting him out. 

Olivia met with Peus who said he wanted Jake out of the picture and he would replace him. 

Olivia and her team put a plan in motion, and get set to take back the White House. Just as Mellie is ready to announce Peus as Jake's replacement, a bomb squad arrives. 

Mystery Woman is split up from Mellie. Mellie reunites with the key players, who try to devise a way to take Peus down. Rowan appeared and refused to kill Peus because it was suicide. 

Everyone argues, and Mellie opens up and Defiance. Everyone questions it, while Cyrus tells Mellie to shut up. 

Cyrus takes Rowan down to the wine cellar and the pair bond over being boxed in the White House. Cyrus got ready to use a corkscrew to kill Rowan in revenge for killing Frankie. 

Rowan knows and turns a smashed wine bottle on his former friend, before leaving the room, apologizing for his mistake. 

Mellie wants to roll over and die, but Marcus gives her a pep talk and makes it okay. 

Jake quizzes Olivia about whether she's only doing everything for Fitz. She says she saved both of them and needs them to help her save Mellie. 

In the end, the group arrested Mystery Woman, while Mellie took on Luna Vargas as VP. 


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Scandal Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Fitz: Rowan.
Rowan: Mr. Pope, Mr. President.
Fitz: How have you been?
Rowan: You don't actually care and I don't care to answer.

Olivia: How are you feeling?
Rowan: You mean, after being cuffed in a cave by Fitzgerald Grant?