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Rowan is shocked by a parcel arriving at his door. It's a dinosaur and leads him to a lecture from his old friend, Sandra.. 

Sandra asks him to join her operation to help find out information. Rowan notices a camera in the workspace and the red dress woman introduces herself as Sarah, 

Rowan has his contact check out Sandra, but finds she's squeaky clean. He goes to Olivia's and pretends that he wants a record because his new job is full of young ones. 

When he goes back to the office, he gets Sandra in a cupboard and pulls a gun on her. He asks her what is going on and she says she has no idea. 

Rowan then goes in front of the camera to show off that he's waiting for them. 

One of the three people kill the other and tells Rowan to help them fix the election or Sarah and Olivia die. Rowan says he will make it happen and starts dating Sarah. 

He rigs the voting systems, but Huck figures it out and alerts Olivia. Olivia meets up with Rowan and tells him that she has called it all off. 

Eli returned home to find Sarah there and Sandra missing. Sandra said he had better kill Vargas when he was sworn in and make it look like Cyrus was the perpetrator. 

Eli broke into the election and shot Vargas. 

When he made his getaway, he asked for Sandra back, but the new people said that she was his weak spot and they would use her to get him to do more work. 

He turned a gun on her and shot her in the head. 



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Scandal Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Rowan: What's wrong?
Olivia: Nothing, she's sleeping with someone.
Rowan: Well, she's a single woman.
Olivia: It's Marcus Walker.

Rowan: Eyes on the prize, baby.
Olivia: Don't you ever get lonely?