Saving Hope Season 1

"The Law of Contagion"

On Saving Hope, the hospital is exposed to a deadly virus. Alex and Joel are exposed. Charlie sees his parents.

"A New Beginning"

On Saving Hope, Kinney and Joel take a trip to Kinney's home town while Charlie makes a connection with a therapist who has recently died.

"Bea, Again"

On Saving Hope, the discovery of a patient's misdiagnosis four years earlier provides a clue to Charlie's coma.


On Saving Hope, Charlie watches as Alex and Dawn argue over which of them can legally make decisions about his care.

"Consenting Adults"

On Saving Hope, Charlie tries make contact when one of Alex's surgeries goes awry and her patient ends up in a coma.

"The Great Randall"

On Saving Hope, a hypnotist helps an injured man remember his identity. Can he also psychically connect Alex and Charlie?

"Out of Sight"

On Saving Hope, Alex proves she deserves to be chief surgical resident through success in a challenging surgery. Charlie meets a man who has been in a coma for 27 years.

"The Fight"

On Saving Hope, struggling with lack of sleep, Alex works the over night in the Emergency Room and treats a hockey player with a serious medical issue. A gunman opens fire in the ER and Goran treats one of his victims.


On Saving Hope, Alex pursues alternate therapy for Charlie's condition and she and Maggie treat a patient with a unique condition.


On Saving Hope, Alex treats a sick boy with mysterious symptoms. A patient declines medical attention for religious reasons. Things heat up between two doctors at Hope Zion Hospital.


The Saving Hope pilot introduces us to a new team of doctors and their patients, one of whom is the Chief of Surgery whose spirit watches over them while his life hangs in the balance.

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