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The dark lord orders the Sentinel to spare Mary's life. This causes his ally to question the dark lord's emotions and wonders if he is clouded by love for Mary (both as a "mother" and romantically). The Sentinel brings Mary to a room and places and mysterious box with markings on her head; it traps her mind inside an alternate reality.

Cotton pulled a strand of hair from Anne's head to brew a potion that would kill her familiar inside him. He needs to find the ingredients to complete the potion.

Mercy gives Magistrate Hathorne the antidote...but with a catch. He is healed for the time being. However, he must come back to earn it again as the poison is permanent and the antidote will only help him for a short while.

A mysterious blood red light covers the sky of Salem. Refugees are making their way to Salem out of fear and necessity.

John and Billy head to stop the French and the zombified Native Americans.

Isaac looks to persecute the culprit of the death of Alice's uncle. Hathorne is more preoccupied with Salem and warns Isaac to stay away from pursuing Mercy.

Sebastian worries for Mary as he finds her in the box. The Sentinel gives him a necklace of angels' tears.

Hathorne invites Cotton to speak to the Selectmen about what to do next. He uses the time to buy the ingredients for his potion.

John Alden and Billy find a nearby town burned to the ground. Sebastian arrives to give the French and zombified Native Americans the mysterious necklace. Billy sneaks aboard the back of their carriage.

The dark lord's plan is revealed: he wants to start a war that will never cease. The war to end all wars.

A band of crooks beat up Isaac and cut off his bangs to reveal the "F" on his forehead.

Cotton warns the Selectmen to not be hasty. He drinks the potion and removes Brown Jenkins from his body, killing the familiar.

The dark lord enacts his punishment against Mary; it's "The Reckoning." She is stripped of all her powers and is no longer a witch.

Brown Jenkins is alive and returns to Anne, alerting her Cotton is freed. He makes a run for it from Salem.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

The Sentinel: Is this the mighty Angel of Death? When did you EVER spare a life?
Dark Lord: This life is precious to me.
The Sentinel: Has that tiny meat suit corrupted you? The human body is a pitiful sack of blood, piss and water. I fear in your case, mostly piss.

Mr. Putnam: Is it the end of the world?
Cotton: No doubt the end of someone's world.