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The little girl who spoke of hell is in Knocker's Hole and hears voices. She goes to the well. It sounds like children playing. It's not children. When she draws up the bucket something evil pulls her into it and down into the well.

Mary is eating with the boy. She thinks he's acting as if eating by wolves, although she guesses maybe he was. He has something hidden in his lap. It's a dead bird. It reminds him of her, so beautiful. She suggests he buries it in the garden.

John is walking through town, a mask over his face. It's not so strange given the pox. 

Mr. Hawthorne is locking up people with the pox. He and Mary start arguing over who will run the town and they need to hold a vote over who will be the next magistrate. 

The next argument is between Mary and Tituba about the boy and the Grand Rite. Mary is ready to let it all go if Tituba doesn't shut her pie hole.

Wainwright and Mary talk of the soul. He's hoping to find exactly where it resides so he can prove its existence, somehow wrapping up all things in nature. He tries to show her where it is by way of choking her. He gets excited and kisses her passionately. She assures him she's felt a relationship like that before and it's nothing like he's explaining.

Mary is feeding her her toad and George wants to end the misery. She gives him a chance to be free in order to help her. After all, Hawthorne threatened all of his land and legacy. George follows through.

Mary meets with a Mr. Corwin about who's side he stands on. She's going to challenge Hawthorne with candidate. He seems like the worst candidate. He fears he will disappoint her and she says that's not what he should be fearing. John was watching above.

Mercy is burned and disgusting and should probably not be alive. She wants Dollie to walk among the living and be the means for her vengeance. Dollie goes to see Isaac and he thinks she is Esther. She promises him he is going nowhere.

Anne and Cotton make their way back to Salem. They share stories about their fathers. Anne cannot belive her's die believing she hated him and Cotton can't believe he misses his father. They are attacked in the after they are stopped at the border. Anne uses her witch powers to get rid of the assailants. 

Hawthorne wants to move forward with the election even though Corwin is a no-show. George is annoyed at Hawthorne, but ultimately Hawthorne wins. He and Mary have words. Hawthorne will be in trouble.

Mercy takes her dad's package so he'll do her bidding. She sends him after Isaac which in some way will make the first strike at Mary.

John stopped Corwin and tied him up. To save themselves, Mary and Tituba ripped out Corwin's tongue from afar, right in front of John. Mary thinks it's a member of their own hive who is after them because who else would have the magic to hide their face like that?

Earlier, the little girl came and threw up in Mary's bath water and when Mary takes a bath, she sees a face in the water and it is behind Mary and tosses her into the tub. As she struggles she bites her lip. Countess Margburg sees this through white eyes, tastes Mary's blood and smiles.

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Salem Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mary: No, it is you who are at risk. You operate her under my approval, yet they call you necromancer and speak of corpse bothering.
Wainwright: I doubt very much anything bothers a corpse.
Mary: Do not jest doctor. We hang men for such things in Salem.
Wainwright: It seems there's little you don't hang men for. Or women.

Wainwright: Very advanced words for a stern Puritan mistress like yourself. I would have thought you'd consider the body a constant source of pain, temptation to hell. Like your husband.
Mary: My husband is entirely correct. Life with him has been both a pain and a constant temptation to hell, but I'm not convinced God intended it so.