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This week's episode, "Mano a Mano", Boris's experimental treatments leave Hank scrambling to save this character's life. Elsewhere, Divya and Dr. Peck continue to have issues.
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In "Medusa", Hank heads out of the country with Boris. The goal? Gene therapy research. Elsewhere, Divya is annoyed by Hank's temporary replacement.
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It's off to Cuba for Hank and Evan this week. While the former is gone, Divya takes issue with his replacement, Dr. Marisa Casseras. Watch a preview for the episode now.
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Welcome, Henry Winkler! The former Happy Days star makes his presence felt on this week's episode, "Lovesick", playing Hank and Evan's father.
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The second season of Royal Pains picks up with HankMed is still bankrupt. We've got a full recap of events from "Spasticity" here and now.
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Alright, you're not an alien.


Hank: What's she getting into?
Evan: A chauffeured Bentley.