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Rosewood receives a letter that he could possibly be the father of a child that belong to one of his exes. He immediately goes on a hunt to find out which ex he could've impregnated. His official girlfriend, Kat accompanies him on this hunt rest assuring that regardless of his past, she is the only thing that should matter to him now.

Capt. Hornstock chews Villa out about her ability to solve the crime of Starvos' son, Steve's murder. Villa tries her best to follow Hornstock's orders, but when she is given limited resources the odds are definitely against her.

Villa and Rosewood are aware that they are officially unofficial partner. Hornstock orders Villa and Rosewood to work together because they are the only two people he trust given the confidentiality of the crime. Since they are constantly forced to work together, Rosewood and Villa continue to trust one another with their budding friendship.

Donna retires from her job and continues to stick her nose into Rosewood's personal life. After finally having enough of his mother's antics, Rosewood has a little heart to heart with Donna. Rosewood eventually tells Donna to back off and not to worry about his life so much.

Villa continues to see her therapist, Kat. She gives insight on the man her husband used to be and how much she loved and misses him.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

This real life stuff that you can't control, it scares you.


No one in the bullpen even likes you.