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Rosewood and Villa work together to solve the mysterious murder of a successful jingle writer. Izzy was killed while working on a jingle late at the studio. 

All signs leads to Izzy's former Shades Deep band mates after discovering they had a recent fallout. But was it really Izzy's ex band mates or someone else closer to him?

Erica's back story doesn't add up to Rosewood. After replaying his most recent conversation with Erica over in his mind, Rosewood wonders if there's much to her story that she isn't telling him.

Mitchie officially has his first day working at Magic City Lab. The team has a hard time adjusting to their newest addition.

 In an attempt to repay Rosewood for hiring him, Mitchie decides to dig up information on Erica's past. While discussing what he found out about Erica to Villa, Donna eavesdrop on his conversation. 

Donna forces Mitchie to tell her what she knows about Erica. She confronts Erica and the two have a much needed, heartfelt conversation. 

Erica and Rosewood eventually move forward with their relationship.

Villa discovers the truth behind the mystery man her mom has been secretly seeing. After realizing the man is Hornstock, Villa warns him that her mother doesn't take relationships too seriously. 

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Oh Rosie. Do you want to talk about the past or taste the present?


Donna: Erica's not coming.
Rosewood: How did you know she was coming?
Donna: It's no secret that she and I got off on the wrong foot.