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Captain Hornstock's third ex-wife, Janice was brutally murdered. Since all evidence and signs lead back to Hornstock, he is the number one suspect in her murder. He asks Villa and Rosewood to work together in order to clear his name in the crime. Hornstock was set up to take the fall for Janice's murder. The real killer is someone from Hornstock's past and the reason why Janice was killed is even more shocking. Janice wanted Hornstock dead so she could get paid.

Villa continues to avoid Rosewood after their run-in at Kat's office. Rosewood attempts to win Villa's trust again by leaving her numerous voicemails and even sending her flowers. Pippy notices Rosewood's efforts and wonders if the duo are more than just working partners. Villa comes close to telly Rosie how she truly feels about him, but she eventually decides to let things go. Rosewood is still trying to understand why Villa is so upset and tells her Kat will never disclose her deepest, darkest secrets.

Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Sr., finally makes an appearance. It appears the he and Donna have had marital problems for a while. The duo has decided to end their marriage and go their separate ways. Donna and Rosewood Sr., assures their children that everything will be okay. This ultimately upsets both Rosewood and Pippy.

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I know that man better than anyone.


At least hear my side of the story.