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Rosewood and Villa team up to solve the mysterious murder of an undercover ATF agent, Tiffany. Tiffany was working a case alongside her longtime partner Vladimir Dominguez when she turned up dead.

The murder of Tiffany has an eerie connection to a cold case. Kelly Downs was brutally murdered as a teenager and the hunt for her killer has been ongoing for 12 years.

While investigating the murders of both Tiffany and Kelly, Rosewood and Villa team up with Det. Escajeda. Escajeda had been secretly working with Tiffany on the Downs case before she was killed. Now that his primary partner is dead, Escajeda has to figure out how to solve the murder of Kelly.

Mitchie is still trying to fit in at Magic City Lab, and is having a difficult time. He constantly annoys TMI and has constant word vomit around her. The reasoning for Mitchie's anxiousness around TMI shockingly has nothing to do with his new job.

Det. Escajeda bravely asks Villa out on a date after continuously giving Villa compliments while working together on the Tiffany and Downs case.

Villa continues to get used to the new relationship between her mother Daisey and Capt. Hornstock.

Anita takes some advice from Rosewood to jumpstart her love life.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

She's a career criminal.


Anita: You are so good to me.
Rosewood: Anything for sweet Anita.