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Rosewood has a love interest that he keeps hidden from his entire family. His mother, Donna questions if Rosewood will ever settle down and be committed to one woman. Rosewood makes it known that he does care for his lady friend, Kat, he just has a hard time of showing it.

Rosewood drops a bombshell on Donna that could put his preexisting health issues at a greater risk. Pippy attempts to get Rosewood to do what their mother says for the sake of the family.

Detective Villa is letting her anger get the best of her. While out on the night of the town, she has an altercation that could put her job at risk. Capt. Hornstock suggests she seeks professional help to deal with her anger as well as the recent loss of her husband.

While finally getting a chance to talk to a professional, Villa's new therapist could cause a rift between the budding partnership with Rosewood.

Villa and Rosewood finally get to know one another on a personal level. They have the opportunity to explain to one another what makes them the people they are today. Rosewood reveals why he has a hard time falling and love and Villa reveals why she has a quick temper.

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It's the perfect case for me.


You're such a terrible liar.