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Villa and Rosewood finally decided to take things on the next level and go out on a date. Villa hesitated about the whole date thing at first, but with reassurance from Daisey, Villa decided to give Rosewood a chance.

Villa and Rosewood work together to solve the death of Joe Camos. Joe was a lawyer who worked involved helping juvenile delinquents while working at a pharmaceutical company. 

A dirty judge didn't like the work Joe was doing helping the delinquents and decided to have Joe murdered with the help of Joe's pharmaceutical boss, Andre Ward.

During the murder investigation, Villa revealed some information about Eddie's death. This lead Rosewood to do an investigation of his own on Eddie's death.

During their date, Rosewood revealed what he knew about Eddie's death. This resulted in Villa telling Rosewood how she truly felt about him.

TMI and Pippy's wedding date is slowly approaching. While seeing Pippy in her wedding dress, TMI revealed to Pippy how she truly felt. TMI had second thoughts about marrying Pippy and decided she needed time for find life out on her own accord.

Donna's new mystery man is revealed. She went on a road trip to Daytona to visit Gerald in jail.

During the investigation of Joe's murder, Hornstock was being blackmailed by the hit man who killed Joe. Hornstock decided to tell his supervisors about the wrongdoing in his past and turned in his badge.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

I know it's been 21 days since the lip graze, but I'm definitely feeling some shade from Pippy.


Hornstock: It's good to see some of the dough we pay Magic City Lab flow back into this department.
Rosewood: You know I'm worth every penny, right?
Hornstock: That you are.