On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 7, Roseanne is convinced her next door neighbors are terrorists, but when she needs a favor, will they help her out?

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When you watch Roseanne Season 10 Episode 7 online you'll see why it's important not to have an opinion about people before you get to know them. Roseanne is convinced her neighbors next door are terrorists, but Jackie tries to convince her there is nothing wrong with them. Before Roseanne can get into things DJ stops by to ask if Mary can stay the night. Roseanne agrees and Jackie comes up with an idea to have an all girls slumber party. DJ mentions Mary needs to be awake at 2am so she can get a skype call from her mom who is still in the army. Unfortunately, when it is time to take the phone call, the wi-fi isn't working. Roseanne tries to hack into the neighbors wi-fi, but she isn't able to figure out the password they use. Jackie finally convinces her to just go over to the neighbors house to see if they would be willing to give her the password so Mary could talk to her mom. Roseanne and Jackie head next door and quickly realize the neighbors are just normal people who are trying to live a quiet life. Want to see what happens next? Go watch Roseanne online now to see the conclusion.

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On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 7, as Dan loses an important job and the family hits hard times, they must figure out what to do when they lose their wi-fi.

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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Holding a rake and staring is not a cover. Raking is a cover.


Jackie: Roseanne get in here!
Roseanne: What?
Jackie: You can't stand on the front porch staring at your Muslim neighbors. It's just so obvious you're spying on them.