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On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 6, the Conner family is starting to grow tired of having Beverly in the house. Jackie tells Roseanne there is no way she would be able to handle their mom, but Roseanne makes a deal. They will each get their mom for one week. Roseanne loses the first bet, and has to be the one to keep Beverly for the first week, but she quickly drops her off at Jackie's house on Monday morning. 

Jackie stays her distance, but Beverly still finds a way to ruin Jackie's life. Jackie comes home after another day out, but she realizies Bev has left. Jackie tries to track her down, with the help of Roseanne, but Becky gives them a call letting them know she has Beverly at her apartment. 

Unfortunately things take a quick turn when Becky goes back to her apartment and finds Beverly, and her boyfriend Lou, having sex. Becky forces Roseanne, and Jackie to go and get their mother. Jackie, and Beverly have a heart to heart, and Jackie agrees she will let her stay with her. The only thing she wants to do is go to a therapist which Bev agrees to. 

Meanwhile, Dan tasks Mark with building a birdhouse for a client he has. Mark reveals his version of a birdhouse which turns out to be a stark difference to what the client truly wants. Dan tells him, while it is extremely creative, he will have to do it over again because he was hired for a job with specific things wanted. 

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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Don't you think Bev would be more comfortable in your spare bedroom?


Roseanne: Jackie, did you know mom sleepwalks?
Jackie: Oh, that's dangerous. I heard if you leave your front door wide open a sleepwalker could wonder right out into traffic. I'm talking wide open.