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-Kate, a college student is shot and killed and Andy is shot in the vest outside of a concert venue.

-Luke and Andy have moved in together. Det. Jo Rosati, Luke's former partner and lover helps in the investigation.

-Sam arrests a kid who found the gun in the street but he isn't the killer.

-Dov stays with Kate at the hospital until the doctor's say she won't make it. If the police can get a confession by the end of the day, Kate can be an organ donor which was very important to her. If they don't get a confession, her body will have to be saved as evidence.

-Gail has moved in with Chris which doesn't make Dov happy. 

-Andy figures out that Kate wasn't the target of the shooting, her roommate Miranda was. Miranda's former boyfriend accidentally shot Kate because she was wearing Miranda's jacket.

-The boyfriend tries to jump off the roof but Andy stops him and arrests him. His confession allows Kate to be an organ donor.

-Gail finds out that Dov's brother Adam committed suicide four years ago. It gives her a new understanding for Dov.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Oliver: And the student becomes the master.
Noelle: I wouldn't go that far.

Andy: I'm fine, really.
Jo: How many times have you said that today?
Andy: A hundred.