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-A pregnant young woman, Mary calls in a fake bomb threat to try and prevent her boyfriend from killing someone as a gang initiation.

-Once the gang finds out she went to the cops, they order her boyfriend to kill her. Luckily Traci is there and is able to talk him out of it.

-Dov hurts his back during equine training and accidentally takes too many pain pills while working with Gail. While high he tells Gail that he loves her and sees a future for them if it weren't for Chris.

-Chris' old friend gets close again only to make sure he'll lie about his drinking the same way he did years ago. Chris agrees to continue the lie because not doing so will hurt his career but says their friendship is over.

-Noelle thinks Frank wants to end their new relationship until he kisses her.

-Ollie asks Sam if he should tell his wife he went to a strip club with the guys. Sam says to come clean. Ollie ends up sleeping on his couch.


Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Gail: You want me to call wheel transport?
Dov: No, I'll just take your broomstick.

Any cute boys in horse camp?