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-Andy, Traci, and Dov are given an undercover training assignment. No money, no wallet, no phones, no guns. Accumulate as much money and drugs as you can by the next morning. 

-Dov finds his late brother's dealer, gets close to him and then steals his stash and comes back with the most money and drugs.

-Andy and Traci work together. They end up at a seedy motel where Andy pretends to be an insurance underwriter in town for a conference while Traci is a stripper and pool shark. Surprisingly they run into Sam who is also undercover.

-After scoring drugs from a local dealer and saving a girl from overdosing, Traci heads back to the precinct but Andy goes back to the bar and propositions Sam. They end up at his place and make love but in the morning she must head back to the precinct. He reminds her it is too dangerous for her to ever come back to his motel during his undercover assignment

-Chris and Gail find a student tied to a tree in a cemetery. He's covered in graffiti and refuses to ID his attackers. Chris tells him to learn to stand up to bullies in the hope that he will press charges. Instead the kid goes after his attacker with a brick.

-Chris can't forgive Gail for letting Dov get close to her and he breaks off their relationship.

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Every single episode has been great! Can't wait to see what will happen next. The whole team makes Rookie Blue a TV series that I definitely plan my schedule around. Thanks to the writers, producers -- every single person involved. Keep it unique!


Amazing Episode!!Love Sandy and that scene was HOT!!Couldn't be happier right now!!


that was freaking hot... willing to risk their jobs/lives for them to finally get together. luke who? that was hot between candice and jd :P


So I watched it!!!! OMG.... It was Heavenly!!! I knew Swarek had it in him.... man, oh man! It was good and I wasn't even there, but this spells trouble.Can't wait for more, more Swarek


I can't wait :) hopefully i'll be home by then to watch it. sam, and andy in separate uc ops :P


Looks to be good!

Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Chris: He's a priest. He can't be lying.
Andy: Pfff. Priests lie. Ever see that wafer that they call bread?

Well the minute I decided to tell Sam about my feelings he's gone, like magic Like really mean magic.