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-Jane and Maura agree to speak about Charles Hoyt at a serial killer symposium but find that the fake bodies set up to recreate a crime scene are all too real. 


-The team works with Dr. Victoria Nolan who sponsored the symposium and wrote a best selling book on Hoyt and two other serial killers. It appears a copy cat killer is mirroring the cases described in her book.


-Jane suffers from nightmares about Hoyt and worries she may be suffering from PTSD. Both Frankie and Angela sleep over at Jane's place until the copy cat killer is caught. 


-Jane uncovers that Dr. Nolan was abused as a child and gave birth to a son created via incest. She later murdered her parents but told police she hid in the closet and never saw the killer. 


-Later, Victoria tracked down her son, Jack now five who was put up for adoption and taught him to kill puppies. He became her partner in serial killing.


-Victoria and Jack chain Korsak up in his basement, threaten his puppies and prepare to kill him. Korsak provokes Jack until he turns on his mother and she shoots him. Jane and the team arrive in time as Jane shoots Victoria before she can kill Korsak.


-Jane, Maura, and Barry sit on Korsak's porch enjoying a drink and cuddling his puppies.

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So shocked and saddened to hear of Lee's passing. I really thought Frost was coming into his own as a character this season. So sad when young, gifted people leave us far too soon. Condolences to his acting and real life families. Will be missed. Sending love from Australia x


I'm truly sorry for the loss of Lee Thompson. I wish his family well,both "real" and the actors/production crew who knew him.
I enjoy all Rizzoli &Isles in the series- I've read a few books before I accidentally found this TV show.
I wish you all well knowing its impossible to understand this tragedy .
Sincerely, Joan

Rizzoli & Isles Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Yay! Three day symposium where we can relive our four year nightmare.


Maura: You presented a unique challenge to someone like Charles Hoyt.
Jane: So you're saying it's a compliment that he tried to kill me?