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Riverdale Promo: Cooper Chaos

Riverdale Promo: Cooper Chaos

The town of Riverdale is falling into chaos! The killer is pulling Betty deeper into his web of mystery on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 4. Watch the full teaser here.
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Riverdale Photo Preview: Daddy Dearest

Riverdale Photo Preview: Daddy Dearest

On Riverdale Season 2 Episode 3, Veronica finally introduces her friends and boyfriend to her father, Hiram. Does the introduction go smoothly? We have the photos.
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Riverdale Quotes

Veronica: What the hell is a "Sticky Maple"?
Kevin: It's kinda what it sounds like. It's a Riverdale thing.
Veronica: No, Kevin, it's a slut-shaming thing. And I'm neither a slut nor am I going to be shamed by someone named, excuse me, Chuck Clayton! Does he really think he can get away with this? Does he not know who I am?! I will cut the brakes on his supped-up phallic symbol.

Betty: How many times, Jug? How many times are we gonna push each other away?
[She tears up]
Jughead: Until it sticks. That was my dad’s one chance of going straight and I wrecked it! I’m not going to destroy you too.
Betty: Just tell me what happened, Jug. Jug!
[She whispers]
Betty: Don’t leave, please.
Jughead: Go home.
[He walks away]