Riverdale Season 3

Riverdale Promo: Archie's New Reality

Riverdale Promo: Archie's New Reality

On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 2, Archie is having a tough time adjusting to his new life in juvie. Could he be the target of new dangerous enemies? Watch the promo here.
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In The Sewers - Riverdale
"Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes"

On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 2, Betty and Jughead team up to investigate the strange ritual in the forest, and Moose decides to join the RROTC.

"Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day"

On Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1, Archie has to contend with Ms. Wright in the courtroom when she tries to put him away for a murder he did not commit.

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Riverdale Season 3 Quotes

Veronica: Are you happy now, Daddy? It all worked out, just like you planned. Archie didn’t play by your rules. He threatened you, so you punished him. You destroyed his life.
Hiram: You think I did all this to hurt Archie, Miha? Because he threatened me? No, it’s because you betrayed me.
[Hiram walks closer]
Hiram: This is your punishment. You chose that boy over blood. My own daughter.
Veronica: You don’t have a daughter anymore.

Cheryl: Greeting chums! I wanted to let you know that after the three *amazing* months I just had with Toni riding our motorcycles cross-country, we’re celebrating with an epic end-of-summer pool party at Thornhill. And you’re all invited! Of course, given the fact that Archie will most likely walking the green mile while the rest of us are walking the stage at graduation, I understand if you’re not up for it. Invite whoever you want, but give them fair warning: I’m in the mood for some hell-raising. Tootles!