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The Black Hood calls Betty and tells her that he wants to cleanse the town. If she tries to warn anyone, he will kill Polly.

Archie posted a new video and wrote apology letter to end The Red Circle. Betty confides in Archie that The Black Hood called her.

Alice Cooper writes a scathing editorial chastising Hiram's attempt to revitalize the Southside. Hiram wants to schmooze the St. Clairs and get money from them.

The Southside Serpents plan to create a pipe bomb and blow up the Register. Jughead promises to diffuse the situation, but the others don't believe him. Toni is even skeptical.

Jughead puts on the Serpent jacket and wants to stand with the gang. He has to go through initiation.

The Black Hood sends Betty an article to publish. If she does it, she gets to ask him any question. The article shows that Alice Cooper was originally from the Southside.

Jughead's first round of initiation is looking after Hot Dog, the team's dog.

Sheriff Keller reveals the cryptographer has deemed Betty's latest letter/puzzle to be a copycat. Alice thinks Betty wrote the letter herself. Betty wants to release the story.

Jughead wants to join the Southside Serpents to keep the peace. He passes the second trial of memorizing the laws and he completes the third law of hurting the snake.

Betty publishes the story about Alice.

Nick offers Veronica and Archie some cocaine, but they turn him down. Nick continuously flirts with her in front of Archie.

Betty asks The Black Hood if she would recognize the face under the hood. He says yes. The Black Hood wants her to cut Veronica from her life.

Jughead and Betty kiss at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. The two are sad that they can't run away from the trouble.

Nick invites Josie and the Pussycats to a party. Cheryl extends herself an invite to the party regardless.

Most of the group partakes in "Jingle Jangle" and they soon become high. Betty calls out Veronica for her shallow attitude. Veronica forces her to leave.

Toni warns Jughead about the final round of the initiation.

Nick makes a move on Veronica. She pushes him away and he threatens to cut their parents' deal if she doesn't agree. She slaps him.

The Black Hood wants Betty to cut Jughead out of her life.

Archie confronts Betty about what she did to Veronica. She comes clean about The Black Hood's requests. She needs Archie's help to end things with Jughead.

Hiram and Hermione throw a party to impress the St. Clairs. Alice arrives to the party in a stunning dress. Nick and Veronica make peace.

Archie visits Jughead before his last initiation; he ends things for Bughead.

Nick gives Cheryl a drink; he spikes it with drugs.

Josie and The Pussycats perform a cover of "Light My Fire" from RENT.

Jughead's last initiation is to get beaten up by the Southside Serpents.

Veronica, Josie, and the Pussycats stop Nick from date raping Cheryl.

Betty's last question to The Black Hood is to figure out his identity. He sends her to an abandoned house to meet him. He forces her to put on a mask and look at a mirror. She runs away in fear at hearing a noise.

Cheryl is crying after the attempted rape. She was to press charges so that he will be held accountable for his actions.

Jughead is given a tattoo after joining the gang. He and Toni kiss.

The Black Hood finds out Betty has been telling Archie the truth. He tells her that unless she gives him a new name of someone dirty, he will kill Polly, Alice and Hal. Betty gives him the name of Nick St. Clair.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Archie: I came here to tell you to stay away from Betty. She doesn’t want to see you anymore.
Jughead: Screw you. I just saw Betty yesterday! She was fine.
Archie: No, dude, she’s been wanting to break up for weeks. She’s been agonizing over it since you crossed to the dark side. She couldn’t bring herself to do it.
Jughead: So she sent you? Betty would never do that!
Archie: If you don’t believe me, call her! And feel free to tell her you’re a Serpent now too, I bet she’ll love that. She saw where you were headed. Okay, we all did and she knows you can’t be with her and with them. Come on, man, you know it too.

The Black Hood: Give me another name. Right now!
Betty: What?
The Black Hood: If you want to save your sister, give me another name. The name of someone guilty. Come on, Betty, one little name.
Betty: I won’t. I can’t do that.
The Black Hood: Then I’ll kill your sister...and your mother...and your father...and everyone you hold dear!
Betty: Nick St. Clair. He’s staying at the Five Seasons.
The Black Hood: I told you we were the same.