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-Andrew plans to take Bridget away on vacation.  Olivia is upset he won't stay and try to get Gemma's rich father's business.

-Bridget visits Siobhan's therapist and finds out she was on medication for paranoia. The therapist's notes say Siobhan thought she was being stalked.

-Bridget gives Charlie the gun she's been hiding and asks him to dispose of it. He calls Siobhan to let her know.

-Gemma is alive and Charlie is holding her hostage in his basement in Brooklyn. 

-Malcolm realizes that Charlie isn't who he says he is. He finds proof that he is actually John Delario and tells Bridget.

-Malcolm breaks into Charlie/John's place in Brooklyn and just misses finding Gemma when Charlie comes back.

-Olivia visits Henry and tries to get his father in law's number from his cell phone when she stumbles across a compromising picture of him and Siobhan. She e-mails the photo from his phone.

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I’d watch a show about a mirror shop beorfe watching a second episode of Ringer. Truly awful. Pan Am was fun, although the spy stuff felt unnecessary and the scene in Cuba had me rolling my eyes. And I’m not sure how much I liked the hammy lines about “taking flight� and “seeing the world,� that was some very unoriginal dialogue trying to paint the stewardesses as feminists (the young, starry-eyed girl—the ‘next generation’—watching them board a flight didn’t help), and it came across laughably simplistic. But otherwise pleasantly glossy and light. Has anybody checked out Homeland? That’s by far my favourite pilot.And New Girl—despite some lingering Deschanel fatigue (or Deschanel as Manic Pixie Dream Girl, as if she does anything else), I liked the second episode more than the first.

Ringer Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

What if doing the right thing costs us everything?


It wouldn't be rehab without a eight cup a day habit.