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With Nora's wound from the train sabotage quickly becoming infected Miles brings her to an old drug lord friend from his Milita days. The drug lord agrees to help her, but only if Charlie agrees to kill his neighbor. Miles refuses to let her go alone, but she is forced to do so anyways. Aaron helps Miles escape.

Charlie tries to kill the drug lord but can't go through with it. Miles walks her out. Meanwhile, the drug lord catches on that Miles is no longer there. Aaron pretends to shoot himself and plays dead. When the drug lord gets out from behind his cover, Aaron shoots and kills him. The flashbacks show Aaron's wife, and their eventual estrangement after the blackout as Aaron feels he isn't good enough for her.

Tom turns Danny into Monroe and Danny and Rachel have a tearful reunion.

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By far the worst episode yet. The acting is terrible! Especially with the actions and reactions of the characters. They don't make any bit of sense! Why would Miles bring Charlie and Aaron with him to that guys place and put them in danger. Or when Aaron shoots himself and then kills the Drug Lord (which was also terribly acted) everyone just stands there and watches this all happen. 20 armed guards just watch and then let him go. BULLLLLSHITTTT! Also, the flash back scenes.. everyone looks so clean and has the same hair. The way everything plays out just doesn't make any bit of sense. I am a big fan of the post-apocalyptic theme which I think allows me to see the holes in this series. With that said, there are TONS of holes. With the direction that this show is heading, I don't see it lasting very long. I had high hopes for the series and I am really let down by the poor job they've done.